Fertility is a very personal matter to women.  While not every woman wants to have children, most will agree that situations change and many women start to think seriously about starting families in their mid to late 30s.   Infertility does not have to be burdensome as technology has advanced to allow ovarian preservation, In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments and medications that can help stimulate ovulation.

What if I'm not quite ready?

For women who are not quite ready to start a family egg freezing without fertilization at ahead of time is now feasible as vitrification has made thawed unfertilized eggs more stable.  Vitrification is a process used to freeze eggs and embryos that prevents crystallization of ice and better preserves the frozen tissue from damage when it’s time to thaw for use.  At En Santé Clinic and Med Spa, we will help you start the process of figuring out your ovarian reserve and discuss with your your options for preserving fertility for the future.

Ready but it's not happening fast enough?

For women who are ready to start a family, we have a holistic approach to help you navigate your fertility through natural means and if need be, medications like Clomid and Femara.  Some women also need in addition to ovulation induction, mediation to trigger ovulation (Ovidrel). For women who are less than 35 years of age, trying to conceive for a whole year before seeking assistance is reasonable.  Women over 35 should seek help after 6 months if not successful by then.

Helpful tips for achieving pregnancy.

  1.  Take prenatal vitamins

  2. See your gynecologist for preconception counseling and testing.

  3. Keep a menstrual diary

  4. If you are overweight try to bring your weight down to a normal BMI as much as possible

  5. Use ovulation predictor kit (OPK) during the week when your phone App indicates that you are ovulating

  6. Have intercourse every other day during that week to try to get pregnant.

  7. Missionary position has the highest success rate in general for pregnancy.

  8. Make sure you have healthy sleep habits and do you best to decrease stress.

  9. Engage in positive thinking

  10. Have faith that you will succeed.

Do you know your ovarian reserve? Ready to start a family?

The team at En Santé Clinic and Med Spa is here to help.  We have a streamlined process in place to make your visit stress free.

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