Hydrafacial treatments at Tysons Corner, Virgina

Regular facials by a professional esthetician is important in keeping your skin youthful and refreshed.  At En Sante Medical Spa, we have carefully studied and selected skincare systems that deliver excellent and reliable results to our patients and clients. That is why we offer Hydrafacial® treatments to our members in Tysons Corner and Chevy Chase.  

Hydrafacial@ is the esthetic industry leader in facial treatments for clogged pores, dark spots, acne prone and aging skin.  Our highly qualified and passionate team will review your skincare needs and formulate a plan to keep your skin youthful, hydrated and supple.

Who needs Hydrafacial® treatments?

HydraFacials are safe, gentle, and helpful for teens, young women, and aged skin alike.  Skin conditions successfully addressed with regular hydrafacial® treatments are:

What can I expect during Hydrafacial® treatment?

First, you will receive a consultation with a qualified team member.  Then, customized treatment will be formulated for you based on your skin type and needs.  The facial takes 30- 60 minutes to perform. 

How to perform a Hydrafacial® 

  1. Cleansing

  2. Exfoliation

  3. Infusion of Serums

  4. Application of boosters

  5. LED light treatment

  6. Sunscreen

What can I expect after a Hydrafacial® treatment?

You can put on makeup after a hydrafacial treatment.   You will notice a glow and increase suppleness to the skin immediately after treatment.  The benefits of hydrafacial treatments continue to increase with each additional treatment and you will notice greater benefits over time.  Monthly maintenance is recommended for best results.  Our team at En Sante Med will formulate a customized regimen for you that will keep your skin looking healthy, rejuvenated and fresh for years to come.

Which is better? hydrafacial or chemical peel?

Hydrafacials produce gentle exfoliating and skin toning overtime without excessive downtime as such the degree of improvement will depend on the number of treatments over time.  Chemical peels may give faster results if they are medium or deep peels however, expect to have some downtime or at the very least some redness and flaking of the skin for 3-7 days.   Hydrafacials are also a great compliment to laser, chemical peels and microneedling treatments.

Can I get Hydrafacials if I also getting or skin procedures such as laser treatments?

Yes; Typically the best results for any skin care plan is one that is multimodal.  We recommend doing hydrafacials as maintenance along periodic procedures such as laser rejuvenations, radiofrequency microneedling and collagen induction treatments with PRP and Pepfactor.  Some will need other agents such as Botox®, Hyaurounic acid fillers, or Sculptra®

What other treatments can I get with the hydrafacial MD Edge system?

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