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Adeline M Coleman MD
The Art of Beauty & Refined Health

...Before & After

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This patient had a series  of 4 non-invasive laser treatments for hyperkeratosis pilaris saw significant reduction in hyperpigmentation and also tightening of the skin and improvement in overall texture as a by product.  She’s happy that she can finally attend social events and not get asked questions about what happened to her cheek.

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The beauty of radio-frequency in reducing fat, tightening skin and diminishing  cellulite simultaneously, perfect for stubborn mommy belly and  perimenopausal tummy as shown here.

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Laser Face Lift

Laser face lift is great if you want to refresh your appearance without looking drastically different.   Results are natural, leaving you to look like the younger version of you.  It allows  peeling years off without the down time or significant interruption to life.  This patient had a series of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.  Further improvement of skin tone, texture and tighter will be even more apparent the follow few months.

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