What we are about...

Curated Wellness for & Vitality for Women

Our Process...

 -Identify the extent of problems and how they impact your life.

-Restore balance and help you keep your ideal body composition.

-Create a mindfulness plan to set you up for success!

 -Identify areas of critical need and support

-Formulate and implement systems for optimal health and wellness

-Enjoy the process and get back in shape like a pro!

 -Get to know and understand your preferences to heath and wellness

-Formulate regimens that fit neatly into your life and schedule

-Keep you on track with your wellness and vitality goals


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portrait of beautyful women with black-splash mask.photo compilation. photo and hand-drawing elements combined. The grain and texture added.


more pictures with this model:



Gynecologic Expertise Focused on You.

En Santé Clinic and Medical Spa located in the heart of Fairfax County, Virginia is easily accessible by Metro and is minutes from Tysons Corner, Tysons Galleria  Ashburn,  and Loudoun.  You can also make an appointment to see us at our Chevy Chase location which also serves Bethesda and Washington DC.  

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