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Signature Services

Virtual Visits

Pressed for time? We offer virtual appointments for consultations and new patients and some follow up visits. You can schedule a virtual visit. Our office will contact you at your chosen time via video chat.

Virtual Visit


Office Parties

Our office concierge service allows you to book same day services through our club membership program or schedule an appointment ahead of time for big group. Office parties are great way to catch up or celebrate a loved one.

Office Concierge


Club Membership

Club membership allows you to avail yourself of the spectrum of services we offer for a nominal monthly fee. Club Membership starts the process to achieving valuable long term discounts benefits.

Club Membership


House calls

We know that life gets busy. Sometimes making time for health visits can be challenging. We will work with you depending on your needs to ensure you get the care you need. Our house calls are open and available to established patients who already have mutual trust rapport with the office.

House Calls


Venue Parties

Venue parties are much like office parties except we come to you. They are great if you much more personalized environment is needed for bridal parties, corporate team building, or club events. We will work with you to select suitable services for off-site venus.

Venue Parties


Travel Packages

We feel very fortunate to be located in a vibrant area with lots to see and do. If you are traveling from out of state or within driving distance to our spa, you are welcome to use our travel packages to make your trip seamless and hustle free.

Travel Packages


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