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Fotona 4D Nonsurgical Face Lifting. The 1 Noninvasive Collagen Facial That is Like Magic.

Fotona 4D Non-Surgical FaceLift Procedure in Tysons’s Corner, McLean and Washing DC Are.

The Fotona 4D Laser Facelift is a non-invasive procedure that helps reduce skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. It is also very effective for improving uneven skin tone & texture on the face and body. En Sante Clinic and Medical Spa in Tysons Corner are one of the first doctor’s offices to offer this non-surgical facelift in the McLean and Northern Virginia area.

What is Fotona 4D?

Fotona 4D laser facelift stimulates the skin and underlying tissue to immediately lift the face and next while accelerating the skin’s ability to produce collagen. The result of repeated stimulation over time is tighter, firmer skin that has more elasticity and tone. This aesthetic and medical laser system uses two different energy wavelengths to treat both the exterior of the face, as well as the interior mucosal oral cavity.  The result is increased plumping and smoother texture inside and out.  You will see benefits right away and with continued use, even better results.

Who does the Fotona 4D Laser Face Lift Tightening Work?

The Fotona 4D laser has four unique laser modes: SMOOTH®, FRAC3®, PIANO®, and SupErficial™. The Fotona 4D is fast, efficient, and gives the ability to perform less painful treatments that are well tolerated.  The 4D steps are as follows:


The first step works to improve signs of aging that show around the mouth such as laugh lines. If you are unhappy with nasolabial fold creases, wrinkles, and sagging around the jawline, then the Fotona smooth lift is a great option for you. 


The 2nd step, 2D of the Fotona 4D treats uneven skin tone, deep lines and areas, dark spots and pigmentation problems. Most aesthetic procedures are able to only affect fine lines and light sun spots, however, the FRAC3® can significantly reduce wrinkles and dark spots from acne and hyperpigmentation. With this step, performed inside the mouth you will see improvement in skin tone and smoothness. 


As we get older, past our 20s and enter 30s and beyond, the skin’s ability to build collagen greatly diminishes.  This step stimulates the tissue deep under the dermis to produce collagen faster and better.  This lifts and tightens the face without injecting excessive amounts of dermal filler.   You can achieve a plump, radiated, and lifted face without looking overfilled with filler.  The technique is similar to a heated brush and is comfortable to get done.


This step gently removes layers of the epidermis to perform effective resurfacing of the skin to remove old dead and damaged cells.   This allows newer youthful and healthy skin cells to grow and come to the surface.  This procedure essentially removed skin cells that have been damaged by the sun rays, acne scars, and aging skin.  This laser resurfacing is similar to a chemical peel but without the needed downtime.  You will notice a glow to the skin immediately and even better results in weeks to come.

Fotona 4D Laser Facelift Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

4D Skin Rejuvenation uses your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and repair itself.  It increases cell turnover, it helps your body remove tissue that has sustained aging and damage. Moreover, lasers are the best way to naturally promote collagen formation to give your skin a youthful supple and luminous glow.

Collagen is a naturally occurring tissue in the skin that serves to protect the skin from free radicals, oxidations and sun damage.  It is what keeps the body a firm structure, elasticity and plump feel. Loss of collagen is what causes fine lines and wrinkles so why not treat the problem at its cause instead of applying dermal filler as a bandaid?  The Fotona 4D laser lift stimulates your body to produce collagen and help maintain youth and reverse aging skin.  Turn back the clock.

Increased collagen building and faster turnover of old and aging skin are paramount to preventing signs of aging to the face and skin.  The Fotona Laser system provides customizable plans to give faster and better results.   With the appropriate number of treatments, here are some results you can expect to see with our curated protocol:

  • Improved skin tone. 
  • Firmer and tighter skin with increased volume. 
  • Youthful and luminous skin smoothed lines and fewer wrinkles.

What are the Benefits of Fotona 4D Facial Skin Rejuvenation?

  • It stimulates collagen and helps the skin become more supple, firmer, and youthful.
  • Increases cell turnover and removes dead and damaged aged skin from the surface.  
  • It pumps the skin by increasing thickness and elasticity.
  • It encourages fibroblast formation to support the skin and connective tissue and ensure faster cell turnover which is important for youthful skin.
  • Make the skin tiger after weight loss and liposuction.
  • Clears dark spots and abnormal pigmentation.
  • Improves acne scars and dark spots from acne.

Who is Getting the Fotona 4D Laser Facelift?

Millennials and older generations alike are getting the Fotona 4D treatment on a regular basis.   This is because your women are aware that starting treatments early prevents signs of aging and saves money over time.  Women in their 40s who have greater loss of collagen are reversing signs of aging with more intensive and longer treatments to catch. Once the skin is restored to a youthful state, maintenance treatments are used to preserve the benefits and slow the aging process.  The Fotona 4D facelift is unique and wonderful because it combines 4 different laser treatments into one treatment session to jumpstart the collagen-building and repair process of the skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fotona 4D Facelift?

If you want a safe, tolerable and effective way to combat signs of aging and prevent your skin from having fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations, then this procedure is ideal for you.

Fotona 4D is a great option for women who want to avoid surgery or who want to avoid excessive use of fillers to correct signs of aging in the face. It is a versatile and superb option for patients who desire little to no downtime and want lifelong results through continued attention to their skin for a natural youthful look for years to come.  The Fotona laser system also has the ability to perform more invasive treatments for faster and more dramatic results.   These more intensive treatments will  have some downtime but not as long as surgery will take.

How Long does the Fotona 4D Facelift Procedure Take?

A single complete session takes about 30 to 45  minutes to perform.  If you are sensitive to heat and pain, you will need to apply a little local anesthetic for about 20 minutes before the start of the procedure for your comfort.  We recommend repeating the sessions every 2-3 weeks for 3-6 sessions depending on the level of damage to your skin and the degree of results you are trying to achieve.

Will I Have Extensive Downtime with Fotona 4D Facelift Procedure?

There is no downtime after the Fotona 4D Non-Surgical Laser Facelift, You may resume your usual activities after treatment. Some may notice mild redness & swelling that typically only lasts a few days.  Depending on your lifestyle and planned activities, you may consider this “social downtime” and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Will my Skin Peel After Fotona 4D Facelift Treatment?

Yes, you may experience light peeling after the procedure as the skin begins to renew itself.

How soon after the Treatment Will I See Results from Fotona 4D Facelift ?

Most patients will notice improved results immediately after Fotona 4D.  However, the maxim benefit is noticed over a period of 6 to 12 weeks. Your skin will continue to improve with repeated and periodic maintenance treatments.

What Results Can I Expect to See From My Fotona 4D Treatments?

You will first receive a consultation to discuss your needs and introduce you to our process here at En Sante Med. The protocol focuses on wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, lips and nasolabial folds or laugh lines.  The aim is to restore and improve the texture, tone, and clarity of the skin.  You will feel a warm or hot sensation depending on the type of laser wavelength and the amount of energy being used.  You can expect to see smoother, tighter, and firmer skin in the coming weeks.   Best of all, you can expect to see glowing luminous skin with tighter and few pores.

Does Fotona 4D Hurt? Is it a Painful Procedure?

Not at all.  It is designed to be a comfortable and pain-free treatment. Most patients report feeling a sensation of warmth, and some patients also experience a mild pinching sensation.

Can I wear Makeup after the Procedure?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before using makeup on your face.  You want to only use serums and creams that nourish your skin immediately after the procedure.

Looking for NonSurgical Option for Face Tightening in Tysons Corner, Fairfax?

Contact our highly effective and passionate team at En Sante Clinic and Medical Spa located in walking distance from Tysons Corner Galleria in McLean, Fairfax for consultation.  We also have an office in Chevy Chase to serve our loyal Washington DC and Maryland community. 


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