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Aesthetics & Collagen Building Procedures

As a woman, it is perfectly normal to want to look and feel confident at every age.   Aesthetics is an important aspect of life and is achieved with attention and care for yourself and sometimes, achieved with surgical intervention of aging skin.  As we grow and advance through life, priorities change and the amount of time we spend grooming and taking care of ourselves changes.  Think back to when you were in high school, college or when you got your first professional job.  You more likely than not spent more time picking your clothes, taking care of your skin and hair. 

 As time goes by we replace me time with “every body else” first.   Children,  partners, parents, siblings careers extra.  You get the picture.  At En Sante Clinic and Medical Spa, it is our aim to help you find a balance between taking care of everything else and taking care of you.  Our office is set up to do specifically this.  We have appointment slots for health and wellness, as well as appointments geared toward relaxation and stress reduction.   

Our highly trained aestheticians create a calming and relaxing atmosphere where you can relax and get a treatment for your face and body.  Here you can close your eyes, lighten your mood and let your mind go blank.   You can spend your facial time in quiet meditation, focusing on your mantra, and give attention to your intentions and desires.  This is where you dream and redesign the life you want.

Aesthetic procedures

Our esthetics care encompasses helping you address issues such as acne,  discolorations and pigment issues, wrinkles, belly fat and cellulite.  Aesthetic procedures we offer include,

Oxygeneo Facials

Hydrafacial MD  Facials

Signature HydroJelly Facials



Chemical peels

Neurotoxin injections 

Dermal Filler injection

Energy assisted fat reduction

Reduction of cellulite

Radiofrequency skin tightening

Laser lipolysis for fat reduction


You may ask what are collagen building procedures and why are they important?  Well your skin the the largest organ of your body and also the most protective organ, acting as a barrier between you and the environment.   As we age, so does the skin on our face, hands and body.  Aging skin losses collagen and and elasticity.   This causes sagging, cellulite and other undesirable effects to the body.  Healthy skin needs collagen to maintain firmness.  We want to live long but it is also important do so while maintaining the health, integrity and youthfulness of the skin.  At En En Sante Clinic and Medical Spa in Tysons Corner, Virginia, our aim is to help you rebuild and maintain collagen in your face and body so you can age gracefully and maintain skin health.


Treatments that a helpful in building collagen include:-



Chemical peels

RF microneeding

Radiofreqeuncy stimulation

Laser skin treatments

Fotona TightSculpting

Fotona Intimalase


If you are thinking about getting regular collagen treatments to maintain your skin health, look no further than En Sante Clinic and Medical Spa, our professional and dedicated team is here to  give you the best aesthetic procedures on the market.  Contact us so we can further assist you.

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