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Fotona Laser Hair Stimulation and Regrowth

Hair loss is not a problem for men alone.  Women suffer from hair loss for a multitude of reasons.  According to current research as many as 30 million people suffer from hair loss in the U.S alone.  Women struggle with thinning hair and hair loss at all ages.  Most often it’s a real problem after having a baby in the postpartum period or when women get to be around age 40 and on before and after menopause

Hair loss typically occurs due to lack of specific nutrients, stress, hormonal changes and inflammation.  There are good solutions however to hair loss so here is no need to despair.  Effective therapies include:-

  • Low level laser therapy.   The Fotona erbium laser is a superior device for this type of treatment.
  • Topical applications which include Minoxidil, Finasteride, Flucortisone and retinol
  • Nutrient dense supplements such as Viviscal and Nutrafol  may help accelerate stimulation and regrowth of hair.

Generally as long as you take notice and take action to slow and reverse hair loss, you can be assured of progress and success.  It is important to act early and also to have realistic expectations as the road to recovery and healthy hair does take months to achieve.  

How does Fotona laser help with hair regrowth?

The Fotona laser system is a noninvasive laser that helps with hair stimulation and regrowth.   The laser energy that’s used gives precise, predictable, and safe stimulation of natural hair restoration without arduous surgeries such as hair transplantation (FUE or FUT) procedures. With the Fotona laser system and En Sante Clinic’s specialized protocol, your natural hair growth can be restored, and the growth can be maintained with twice yearly maintenance treatments.  The laser system uses a specific light wavelength to reach the deep into the layer of the scalp where the hair bulb resides to activate and stimulate growth of hair follicles, using the body’s natural healing and regeneration process.The result, is fuller, thicker, longer and healthier hair. 

Am I a candidate for Fotona Laser Hair Stimulation and Regrowth?

The best way to answer this question is to make an appointment with a knowledgeable doctor with a Fotona Laser who can evaluate your scalp and hair for treatment.  Hair restoration is not all about topical treatments however.   The doctor you choose should be well versed in evaluation of your overall health.  The review should include a good assessment of your hormonal health, stress levels, and mediations you are taking in order to create the best care plan for you.

Most women struggling with thinning hair or hair loss can make good candidates for the treatment! The treatment can provide natural results, so if that’s important to you, then you may be a great candidate for Fotona laser hair treatment.

How many treatments will I need for hair restoration with Laser?

Generally, 6 treatments are recommended at 6 weeks intervals.   It is important to catch the hair in different growth phases to stimulate the bulb. Each treatment will give a cumulative effect and add to the stimulation process.

What are the benefits of Fotona laser hair regrowth?

There are lots of benefits of Fotona laser hair regrowth over other hair treatments. Here are a few:

  • Is quite comfortable for the patient and takes less than an hour at a time
  • Is not invasive and safe for the patient, with no downtime necessary
  • It stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow and activates the body’s natural healing and regeneration process
  • Topical solutions can be applied at the same time to augment results

What Can I During Hair Restoration Appointment

The first visit will involve a consultation with the doctor to evaluate your overall health and health of your scalp.  Certain medical conditions such as thyroid dysfunction, PCOS and other autoimmune disorders can affect hair health.  During the consultation, depending on your specific needs, lab work may be necessary to check hormonal levels, and nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency.  

After the consultation, you will be given some helpful information on lifestyle changes that you can implement to help with our hair restoration journey.   The next appointment will be the first treatment with the Fotona Laser system.   Depending on which plan you choose, topical solutions can be applied after each treatment to help speed up the hair growth process. 

Interested in Hair Restoration?  Make an appointment for consultation today!








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