Nutrition & Wellness

Lets face it. Losing weight is not easy and maintaining a diet is ever more challenging but it is very doable with careful preparation, commitment and support. Our carefully curated weight loss and nutrition programs are meant to jump start your journey and develop healthy habits to achieve a life long transformation.

Shots & IV Therapy

Vitamins and essential nutrient deficiencies play a major role in overall health and wellness, although they are often overlooked. Some vitamins and nutrients are better administered as intramuscular injections or given intravenously. Your doctor will carefully evaluate your needs to determine if you will benefit from this kind of therapy. IV therapy is particularly helpful for stress and dehydration, hormonal and autoimmune illnesses.

Shakes & Cleanses

In general we are strong advocates of sustainable long term lifestyle changes to loose weight and keep it off. However, we recognized that some times the fasted and easiest way to get healthy nutrition on the go may be a shake. We have compiled a list of nutrient rich and antioxidant packed shakes shakes. Cleanses are recommended only as a way to reset our intestinal biome and jump start your journey to a better health.

Meals & Nutrition

At En Sante Health and wellness, we truly want help and support you through life events and changes. Our meals and nutritions program is designed and frequently updated by trained and highly specialized nutritionists who use researched proven and evidenced information to formulate the best nutrition plans. Our meal plan will be customized to our needs. We have pans for hormonal imbalance, stress and improved metabolism.

Sports & Exercise

Exercise and active lifestyle are pivotal to health and wellness. Your visits will include periodic evaluation and assessment of your level of fitness. We will help you hone in on your strengths and interests and give recommendations on sporting activities and exercise regimens that complement you and your lifestyle. We will also encourage and challenge you to step outside your comfort zone from time to time.

Additional Treatments


If you are looking to loose weight, pharmaceuticals are not the long term answer. We will however work with you after careful evaluation and recommend current recommended medications for weight loss if you are so inclined. We will also help to to initiate and maintain lifestyle changes that will help you sustain your success in weight loss without medication.


The technique was invented by Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi. It works by rapidly increasing oxygen supply as it dilates blood vessels after rapidly cooling the body and vasoconstricting blood vessels for 2-3 minutes. Cryotherapy is a safe and potentially helpful way to improve metabolism, tighten skin and reduce pain inflammation. The procedure takes 3 minutes and can be repeated periodically.


Liposculpting may be used as an adjunct to weight reduction and improving overall health, wellness and confidence. Liposculpting employs either heat or extreme cold to dissolve and reduce fat. While weight loss and exercise reduces body fat, they remain once acquired. Liposculpting is helpful in reducing the density of fat memory cells and reduce chances of regaining weight.


Liposuction is another modality that is available as an adjunct to weight management and lifestyle modification Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure using discretely placed 5mm incisions. The tumescent technique combined with laser technologies, reduces bruising, post-operative pain and complications while speeding recovery time.