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Feeling chronically tired or Jet lagged from traveling?   Interested in IV Vitamin infusion therapy?  The team at En Santé Clinic at Tysons Corner have the resources  the get you back to feeling yourself again.

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What IV vitamin infusion therapy?

Intravenous infusion therapy is a treatment that has been used for many years mainly in hospital settings. It is used to quickly replenish lack of essential nutrients that your body for one reason or another is not able to absorb through your gut.  Some vitamins are simply not easily absorbed by your intestines when taken by mouth. IV infusion therapy is now available to En Santé Clinic and Medical Spa, where our team is well trained in providing you safe and verified doses of vitamins and nutrients to supplement your efforts in your weight loss journey.  IV infusion therapy is also used by avid athletes to replenish lost nutrients and electrolytes after marathons or long intensive workouts.

Why do people get IV vitamin therapy?

There are many reasons why sometimes it is better to receive certain medication and nutrients through this route.  However, the main reason is that your body’s ability to absorb nutrients in the stomach can be limited depending on the nutrient and your health. Factors include age, metabolism, genetics, interactions with other products we consume, and the physical and chemical makeup of the nutritional supplement or food. Higher levels of the vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream do lead to greater uptake into cells, which theoretically will use the nutrients to maintain health and fight illness.

How Is IV Vitamin Therapy Performed?

When you get an IV vitamin treatment, you’re receiving a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals through a small tube inserted into a vein.  This is something that needs to be done by a well trained professional as there are measures to take to avoid complications. At En Santé Clinic and Medical Spa you will receive and evaluation of your health history, mediations and lifestyle habits before getting this therapy.

Who May Benefit from IV Vitamin Infusions?

  • Autoimmune dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Severe dehydration
  • Healthy glow to skin
  • Jet lag recovery 
  • Food poisoning

What Can I Expect At My IV Therapy Session?

Our trained specialists will access your vein after consultation and evaluation by the doctor.   When you have your IV, you relax in a comfortable chair while your practitioner inserts your IV and starts your drip. You can read, watch television, or even nap while you receive your vitamin drip. A vitamin drip usually takes 45-60 minutes.  You may notice you get fewer colds or your skin and nails look better. You’ll have more energy overall, and if you’re trying to lose weight, should see the results of your efforts more quickly.

Interested in IV infusion Therapy?

The team at En Santé Clinic and Med Spa is here to help.  We have a streamlined process in place to make your visit a breeze.

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