Our gynecology office has all the equipment and all the state of the art facilities around the community. We can tackle any of your medical issues related to gynecology which takes care of your female organs. It includes the following:


In medical science, ultrasound is a way to take images of internal parts of the body. That's why it is known as a diagnostic imaging technique. Whether it is muscles, joints, internal organs, or blood vessels, ultrasound gives a clear picture of each of them. Thus, making it easy for doctors to diagnose the problem caused to an organ.


Do you recall getting three shots called Gardasil or getting the HPV vaccine in school when you were younger? A colposcopy is a procedure that lets the doctor carefully examine your cervix, vagina, and vulva. By this close examination, the doctor identifies the possible signs of any infection or disease. It is crucial because the changes in cells may lead to cancer.

Urodynamic testing

Most people know urodynamic testing as urodynamics. This is a test that your doctor uses to examine the function of the bladder and urethra. This way, your doctor can see if these organs are performing their jobs well or not. It looks for if the task of storing and releasing urine is normal or there is an issue that causes women to have accidents when they exercise, cough, and sneeze.


A hysteroscope is and instrument that doctors use to perform hysteroscopic testing. It is a thin tube that has a light at the head of it. The doctors insert it inside the uterus to examine the cervix. The procedure helps the doctor to identify any possible causes of abnormal bleeding.

We have a trusted network of specialized people in different departments. So the problems that are out of the scope of gynecology and need interdisciplinary attention also get the best possible treatment with us. 

So feel free to visit us—no matter what gynecological issue you face. We will give you the best diagnosis, along with the best treatment recommendation. Don't wait, thinking too long. It can make your problem severe.

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