Peel the En Santé way!

A regular skincare regimen is vital to healthy glowing skin and preventing accelerated aging.  With a thoughtful simple skin regimen, you can reverse signs of aging, augment the results you get from laser resurfacing treatments and maintain and a healthy natural glow. We have a four step process to our facials, combining the best and most effective facial treatments to give you the best possible results.

Not your average facial

-power hydro facial

We start by applying a mild alpha hydroxy acid followed by hydro powered facial cleansing.  This will gently exfoliate and remove dead skin and impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and fresh.

-Crystal salt facials

Our crystal salt facial uses the natural peeling, healing and ant inflammatory properties of specialized salt crystals to exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin to prepare your skin for infusion of vital amino acids, growth factors and nutrients .

-Electroporation dermal infusion

Ultrasound energy and electroporation are great ways to open up the skin and allow deep penetration of medial grade skin serums with growth factors and cooper peptides to allow them to reach where they need to be in order to affect healing and collagen production. 

-Collagen induction therapy

Our gentle and fractionated nano laser is now applied all over the face and neck to stimulate and awaken the skin’s natural healing processes.  Laser genesis is comfortable and safe for all skin types.  Regular treatments provide the benefit of laser skin rejuvenation without the down time.

Broad band light therapy

-Broad brand light therapy

After infusing vital nutrients deep into the skin, you will be placed under blue or red light or a combination depending on what your skin needs.  Blue light is helpful for clarifying acne prone skin while red light reduces discolorations and evens out the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Skin Health expertise focused on you.

En Santé Clinic and Medical Spa located in the heart of Tysons Corner in Fairfax Virginia is easily accessible by Metro and is minutes from Reston, Ashburn, Loudoun, Bethesda and Washington DC.  

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