Contraception or Birth control consists of various medications, devices and surgical procedures used to prevent pregnancy.  Some forms of birth control are temporary or reversible while others are permanent. The choice to use one or the other depends on personal circumstances, stage in life and family planning.  Career women and students tend to choose contraceptive forms that are longer lasting if they are not planning to start a family in the following few years. Women who are in the process of building their families may choose to use shorter acting forms of birth control. 

Contraceptive medications that contain hormones are also used to treat various medical problems that affect women. Some examples are heavy menses, uterine fibroids, pain associated with endometriosis, irregular bleeding associated with PCOS and so on.

You doctor will help you decide which form of contraception or birth control is best for you.

Types of Contraception

Hormonal pill- Oral contraceptive Pills (OCP)

Depo Provera Injection

Nuvaring – Vaginal ring

Nexplanon – arm implant

Intrauterine devices ( Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla, Lyletta, Paraguard)

Bilateral tubal Ligation – Permanent sterilization for women

Vasectomy – permanent sterilization for men

Considering Contraception?

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